Friday, 21 March 2014

Download Anna University Question Paper for C# and .Net Frame Work




1. Explain the looping constructs in c# with syntax and      example?
2. Discuss on enumeration.
3. Compare the features of c# with java?
4. Write a program to implement the stack data structure and perform the operations push and pop.
5. Describe the characteristics of .NET architecture?
6. Discuss about indexer in detail.
7. List out the various value and reference types supported in c#.
8. What is jagged array? Explain its use with simple example
9. Explain the execution model of the .NET framework.
10. Describe the components of the .NET framework and explain the features of each component.


1. Describe in detail with architecture of ASP.NET.
2. Describe in detail the steps involved in writing a simple web service.
3. Explain windows forms.
4. Explain polymorphism and demonstrate polymorphic behaviour using an example.
5. Explain creating and using delegates with example.
6. Discuss about inheritance and polymorphism in detail.
7. List out the exception handling statements supported in c# and explain with an example.
8. What is the use of ‘is’ operator in interfaces? Explain.
9. Consider a class distance which stores a distance value sing kilometre and meter. Overload the           +operator to add two distance objects.
10. What is a delegate? Explain with an example?


1. Briefly discuss the common language runtime and its components
2. Explain inserting a row of data into an existing database
3. Describe the properties and methods of any two controls for window forms. Write a simple window application program using these controls
4. Write a program using ADO.NET to connect to the northwind database and read the names of the 5. employees. The employee table has 2 field namely first name and last name
5. Implement the following in datasets.
i)Adding a row
ii)Adding a new data column
iii)Deleting a row
iv)Updating a row
6. List out the categories of controls supported in window based application and explain the importance of each.
7. Explain the process of creating a window based calculator with your own UI
8. Compare ASP with ASP.NET.
9. Write a database application to display the details of student table details in a data grid control


1. Explain the concept of interfaces using an example
2. Explain how to create, discover and deploy web services in the .NET environment
3. Describe in detail the lifecycle of web form
4. Explain any one data bound control in a program
5. Explain the creation of calculator web-service. Test this using client program
6. Compare ASP with ASP.NET
7. Write a database application to implement a ticket status checking system
8. Explain the web service architecture. What are the steps involved in the creation and consumption of web services. Explain with an example

1. Write a note on marshaling and reflection with example?
2. Explain building a server with example?
3. Describe about assembler in detail?
4. What is reflection? Explain with example?
5. Write a remoting application which returns the maximum and minimum
6. Temperature of a given city?
7. Explain the feature of CLR?

8. What is remoting? Explain the steps involved in the process of create a Remoting Application?

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